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                About The Air Group Alliance!

The Air Group Alliance, is the result of many years of hard work by Mr. Lars Holmquist of Guayaquil, Ecuador. After his retirement, I assumed responsibility for AGA. Without Lars tireless dedication and passion, this effort would not be possible! AGA was originally designed for pilots using FS98, the site was temporarily closed in order to bring it up to today's standards.

     Today, hundreds of up to date aircraft are available as well as the latest Panels, Effects and Scenery. As a result, most pilots find what they need at or , and a host of other sources.

     What was lacking, was a centralized repository  for the major routes and airline schedules actually flown by real-world airline operations. We now bring you a collection of some of these routes......    By simply "clicking" on an airline logo you will be brought to a page that displays representative schedules based on ACTUAL "REAL WORLD" FLIGHT OPERATIONS. Maps and our  unique "musical selections" (provided you're using Microsoft Explorer)  will get you ready for your new flight adventures! 

Now you can fly for a host of world airlines. Everyone is a Senior Captain! Let us provide a "magic carpet" of journeys for you!  The world awaits....... enjoy!
Steve Korin, Developer of Universal Airlines & AGA.