Using The Kneeboard

Your best source for in-flight information

Real-world pilots need to refer to lots of information while they fly, and most put everything they need at their fingertips: on a kneeboard. In Flight Simulator, you don't need to sort through piles of paper. Everything you need is assembled for you on a kneeboard that is accessible as you fly.

The Flight Simulator kneeboard includes six pages:


When you click on the kneeboard (to change pages or to scroll) the kneeboard takes focus, and pressing key commands will have no effect on the simulation. To restore focus to the simulation, click anywhere outside the kneeboard, or close it.

Press F10 to display the kneeboard.


To display the kneeboard

  • Click the kneeboard icon on the instrument panel.
  • Press F10.
  • On the Aircraft menu, point to Kneeboard, and choose one of the six kneeboard pages.

Once the kneeboard is displayed, you can drag it around the screen. The next time you open the kneeboard, it will reopen to the same location.


To view the different kneeboard pages

  • Click the page buttons along the right side of the kneeboard.
  • Press F10 to switch to each page in succession.


To close the kneeboard

  • Click the Close button in the upper right-hand corner of the kneeboard.
  • Press F10 to first cycle through all the pages and close the kneeboard.