Robinson R22 Beta II

Flight Notes - how to fly the Robinson

Performance, price, and low cost of operation have made the Robinson R22 the helicopter of choice in its class. Speaking of class, it's also a popular training helicopter for the same reasons.

Some pilots say the Robinson feels like a small Bell 206 in flight, with similar lateral instability. With a fuel burn of around 8 gallons (30.27 liters) per hour, the Robinson doesn't cost much to operate. It has one of the best records of reliability for all helicopters. This is a fun aircraft to fly and there's nothing particularly tricky about flying it. That's the hallmark of a good trainer.


U.S. Metric
Maximum Speed 102 knots 189 km per hour
Cruise Speed 96 knots 178 km per hour
Engine Lycoming O-360, 150 brake horsepower
Maximum Range 200 nm 371 km
Service Ceiling 14,000 feet 4,267 meters
Hovering Ceiling 9,450 feet 2,880 meters
Fuel Capacity 29.7 gallons 112 liters
Empty Weight 830 pounds 376 kilograms
Max Gross Weight 1,370 pounds 621 kilograms
Length 28.75 feet 8.75 meters
Rotor Span 25.2 feet 7.68 meters
Height 9 feet 2.74 meters
Seating 2