Navigating from takeoff to touchdown requires skill and practice. In today's aviation world, many tools help pilots plan and execute their flights. From good old compass navigation to satellite-guided paths, the articles below will give you the information you need to know about navigating in Flight Simulator.

Using the Flight Planner
Automate your navigation workload
Old-Fashioned Navigation
Landmarks, maps, speed calculations, and the compass for guidance
Aviation Charts
Using charts to plan and navigate flights
What You Need to Know about VOR
A guide to this old but reliable method
Using the GPS
Flying with a global positioning receiver
Using the Visual Flight Path
Your highway in the sky
Automatic Direction Finder
As simple to operate as an old AM radio
Using the Map
Where in the world are you?

Using The Radios
Radios in Flight Simulator are used to
communicate with Air Traffic Control

Using The Autopilot
Let your Autopilot handle the work load