Changing Sound Settings

Adjusting the world you hear

Turn down the lights, tune out the real world, and turn on Flight Simulator. Flying high over the Grand Canyon, it's easy to forget that you're sitting at a desk staring into a computer monitor. Sure, Flight Simulator looks real, but it also sounds real. And sound has a subtle yet powerful psychological effect on a simulation's believability.

The aircraft in Flight Simulator sound real because the sounds you hear come from real aircraft. They are meticulously recorded in the field, and then blended together in the studio. The same process is used to create the other sounds you hear in Flight Simulator: the whoosh of wind moving past the cockpit, the rain on the windscreen, the thunder in the distance, the crackle of the radio. In addition to making Flight Simulator seem more realistic, sounds also provide valuable cues as you fly.

To hear it all, make sure you have a good pair of speakers connected to your computer. Better yet, slap on a pair of headphones: You'll block out the distractions, and notice all the subtleties of the world you fly through.

The Sound Settings dialog box

Adjusting the Volume

You can adjust the volume of different sounds in Flight Simulator. For example, if you're flying a jet, you might want to turn down the sound of the engines, and turn up the sound of the environment. The result will be more realistic for many jet aircraft.


To adjust the volume

  1. On the main screen, click Settings, then click Sound.
    On the Options menu, point to Settings and choose Sound.
  2. For each sound category (Engines, Cockpit, Environment, Navigation, Lessons/Flights, Air Traffic Control), select or clear the checkbox to enable or disable those sounds.
  3. For each enabled sound category, move the slider to control the volume.
    Note that the volume you hear is also dependent on the volume setting of your computer, as well as the volume knob on your speakers.

Tip: To turn all Flight Simulator sounds on or off, press Q.

Adjusting Sound Quality

The quality of the sounds you hear in Flight Simulator can affect the simulator's performance, so if you have a low-end machine, you might want to decrease the sound quality. The sounds you hear will sound less crisp, but the simulation may perform more smoothly.


To adjust sound quality

  1. On the main screen, click Settings, and then click Sound.
    On the Options menu, point to Settings and choose Sound.
  2. Move the Sound Quality slider to set the sound quality to Low, Medium, or High.