Air Traffic Control

Air traffic control is a vital element of travel safety and commerce. Flight Simulator's air traffic control helps new pilots to learn the basics, and helps veteran pilots to practice their skills. This page is air traffic control central. The links here take you to explanations of real-world air traffic control, air traffic regulations, and how to use the air traffic control feature of Flight Simulator. Add realism to your flights with ATC.

Introduction to Flight Simulator ATC
The basics of simulated air traffic control.
What is Air Traffic Control
How ATC makes the skies safe for travel.
Using ATC in Flight Simulator
How to make the most of ATC in Flight Simulator.
ATC settings
Learn how to customize your ATC experience.
VFR Flight and ATC in Flight Simulator
Flying clear of clouds.
IFR Flight and ATC in Flight Simulator
Flying in the clouds.
Understanding Airspace
Boundaries in the sky.
Other ATC Services
Getting other help from ATC.
Real-World ATC Differences
Understand how Flight Simulator's ATC differs.
Airport ATC Operations
Airports from the Top Down.
ATC Glossary
What do those ATC terms mean?
Traffic Patterns
A King schools article about flying around the airport.