Aircraft Information

Flight Simulator includes two dozen different aircraft to choose from, including two helicopters, a sailplane, a floatplane, an aerobatic airplane, and 9 historical craft. Click the links below to learn about each member of the Flight Simulator fleet. Read a brief history, check out the specifications, and view the flight notes for tips on flying each aircraft.

Beechcraft Baron 58
Twin-engine classic
Beechcraft King Air 350
Corporate comfort
Bell 206B JetRanger III
The helicopter for every job
Boeing 737400
Boeing's commercial workhorse
Boeing 747400
Queen of today's skies
Boeing 777300
Tomorrows airliner today
Cessna Skyhawk SP Model 172
World's most successful single engine aircraft
Cessna Skylane Model 182S
The C172's big brother
Cessna Caravan C208 Amphibian and Grand Caravan C208B
Go-anywhere airplanes
Curtiss JN4D "Jenny"
A classic biplane
DeHavilland DH88 "Comet"
An historic record setter
Douglas DC3
Aviation's legendary workhorse
Extra 300S
Aerobatic champion
Ford 4ATE Tri-Motor
Classic early airliner
Bombardier Learjet 45
Rich, high, and fast
Lockheed Model 5B and 5C Vega
Flown by Amelia Earhart and Wiley Post
Mooney M20M "Bravo"
Single-engine speed and styling
Piper J3C65 Cub
Classic single-engine trainer
Robinson R22 Beta II
World's favorite helicopter trainer
Ryan NYP "Spirit of St. Louis"
Lucky Lindy's historic plane
Schweizer SGS 232
Classic sailplane
Vickers F.B.27A Vimy
History-making distance flyer
1903 Wright Flyer
First in successful powered flight
Flight Simulator terms explained